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We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization bringing all Iranian Americans together to work toward a common goal – Elevating the conversation about Iran in American culture in support of Iranian people's fight for democracy and human rights.


Our grassroots organization was founded shortly after the tragic death of Mahsa Zhina Amini. 


On September 16, 2022, 22-year-old Mahsa was stopped by Iran’s notorious morality police for not wearing her mandatory hijab properly while visiting family in Tehran. She passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of being beaten while in police custody. Her death sparked outrage within Iran, and protests erupted all over the world including over 80 cities in Iran. 


The Islamic Republic began to crack down by shutting down the internet and arresting, torturing and murdering protestors including hundreds of other women and children. The reporter who brought Mahsa’s story to light, has been in solitary confinement and thousands of others are being arrested daily for peacefully protesting for their basic human rights. 


As the Iranian American community began to come together in support of our brothers and sisters in Iran, we assembled a group of passionate, like-minded Iranian-Americans and began asking ourselves "what can we do to help"?


That’s when United Iranian Americans was born.


We are a grassroots non-profit, non-partisan organization aiming to bridge the gap between the Iranian and non-Iranian community through events, content and partnerships with organizations, brands and artists. 


 We aim to elevate the conversation about the human rights crisis taking place in Iran in American culture, and help educate Americans about the true culture of Iranians behind the veil of the Islamic Republic. We envision the future of Iran as a tourist destination and want the world to experience Iranian people’s renowned hospitality, food, history, art, poetry and culture.

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